Scott Leese – CEO @ Scott Leese Consulting, Inc

Everybody, Scott Leese here. I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined Replayz and Dave as a strategic advisor. I believe in what they’re doing. As somebody who’s built and scaled and been a part of helping others scale so many sales teams, I think we all know that coaching plays a huge part in the success of a sales organization – especially in early stage organizations.

You’re strapped for time and you want to prioritize reps getting the attention they need, listening to their calls, giving them feedback and all this kind of thing that sometimes is just difficult. As much as we say we need to prioritize it, meetings come up, other work needs to get done. So I really believe in what Replayz is doing. On demand coaching and having a partner there for you and your sales team to send calls to and get in depth expert level feedback can’t be understated.

I really believe in what Dave and the team are doing and I encourage everybody to check it out.