Scott Barker – Director of Strategic Engagement @ Outreach.io

Hey I’m Scott Barker and I run revenue at a company called Sales Hacker, which is the largest B2B sales community on the planet. I also act as an evangelist for outreach.io, which is the number one sales engagement platform on the market today. I also consult an advisor for a number of companies on sales and marketing strategy, with Replayz being the one that I’m most excited about right now.

Over the past two years, I’ve partnered with roughly 250 different sales technology platforms as well as consultants and coaches through the Sales Hacker community. So I’ve been given this really unique and pretty keen line of sight into where we’re at, where we are and where we’re headed in the realm of sales. Right now, more reps are missing quota than ever before. The sales leader’s tenure is absolutely abysmal. I think for VP’s of sales it’s about 16 months right now and I think that companies like Replayz have a shot at really turning that around.

And so in my eyes Replayz is really the future of sales training and coaching. The traditional model where you bring in a trainer for two or three days for a big hurrah with your team and then everyone forgets it after a month is clearly broken and we’re not seeing the results that we need. So I think the on demand side of Replayz is really what makes it special. Reps, on their own time, can utilize their credit to get the exact areas of development that they need help on when and where they need it. So the lessons that take place almost immediately after a demo will be the ones that actually stick with the reps mind.

If I was a manager director today, I would look at Replayz as my secret weapon to help bolster my current coaching strategy and give me that edge in an increasingly competitive market.