Ryan Frampton – Director of Sales @ Vidyard

Ryan Frampton, Team Lead, Emerging Sales @ Vidyard

Hey, Ryan Frampton, Team Lead of the Emerging Sales team here at Vidyard. I just want to talk a little bit about my experience with the Replayz coaches. Before Replayz came into our organization I was eight months into an account executive role and really felt like I knew pretty much everything I needed to know, which isn’t always the most healthy mindset for career growth and skill development. That’s something I really got to take advantage of when the Replayz team came on board and gave me insights. Not on the things that I was doing and knew I was doing well at, things like discovery and the basic call structure, but then also adding that much-needed clarity around how I can actually get exponentially better.

A big way that Replayz helped me specifically do that was by not only thinking about ‘What do I need to know about discovery?’, but how can I do it in the most efficient way possible to get the maximum result and information that I need to guide my clients and prospective clients in the right direction. Also, which is very important when you have a shorter sales cycle, is how can I continue doing discovery inside my actual demonstrations. They taught me a really, really interesting tactic around meaningful check-ins: instead of saying ‘That makes sense’, you can actually ask a question that you won’t just get an answer ‘yes’ to, and you keep that discovery going even throughout your demonstration.

Ultimately, fast forward five or six months later, it helped me double my ACV. A big part of it was that I could more credibly make recommendations that would cost a larger price at the end of the day just because I knew more about the business. I knew specifically how we’d help and the alternatives that they had at their disposal. So that really helped me. But then Replayz also helped me control deals a lot more effectively. Before, I was getting really focused on one specific champion, whether it was the VP or CEO on the call. I’d just be asking them questions, engaging with them, but I’d be leaving out all the influencers on the calls like the marketing manager, sales managers etc.

After my call got it turned off, and they were now in a room that I wasn’t in, and they could always bring my deal to their side or maybe add some obstacles I didn’t know about because I wasn’t addressing them. So definitely important concepts I learned, and now I’ve actually seen some great career progression, and I dedicate a huge part of that to them. I’m now in a team lead role helping other reps on my team really ramp up their tactics and strategies that they’re using on calls as well. So overall, incredible experience with Replayz. Highly recommend everybody checking out their tips. Thanks.