Peter Craigen – Senior Account Executive @ Keela

This is Peter Cragen with Keela. I’m one of Dave Kennets’s customers at Replayz, and we’ve been using Replayz for almost four or five months now. We’ve seen some pretty incredible results for two reasons. The first is that Dave is a seasoned sales professional with lots of easily actionable insights for myself and for the other reps on our team.

We’re able to really dive into the nitty-gritty specifics on each of our demos and make improvements. I think the way that he schedules the one-on-ones and the check-ins to ensure that we are actually performing the advice that he’s giving us really takes the learning into the practical realm as well. And the second reason why it’s been so effective for our team is that he provides a very scalable framework for us.

Every single rep that we add to our team in the future and when we scale, we know that we’re going to be able to use these exact methodologies and these exact tips to build out a team that is consistently on brand and ultimately, highly performing. We’ve seen some great results in terms of quantifiable metrics.

We’re measuring a lot of our demo-to-close and we’ve actually improved our demo-to-close ratio from in the 30% range to just around 40% closed within 90 days of a demo, which is phenomenal for us. It’s a pretty big improvement there and that’s something that we’ve been working on for a really, really long time. And I think using Dave’s insights has really put everything into practice. So we’ve seen some great results so far. He’s a great guy and all the other Replayz coaches are incredibly knowledgeable.

So we certainly recommend Replayz to anyone that is considering more formal sales training in a way that is lean and easy to digest for reps of all categories. I’m an account executive, and I’ve been at Keela for about two and a half years, but of course, Dave will certainly cater to whoever is on your team. Hopefully, that helps. Thanks so much everyone for watching. Bye.