Patrick Cadic – CRO @ Ware2Go

My name is Patrick Cadic. I head up the revenue organization here at Ware2Go which is a UPS company. We were founded by UPS Boston Consulting Group. We’re about a year old and we scaled to over a hundred people, with over thirty people within the revenue organization,
which includes customer success, sales and marketing. And as we were going through the early stages of scale, we needed to be able to find not only a different sales athlete, but start to really go down the consultative route with elements of inside and outside field sales.

What we noticed was that bringing people on within a new market, within a new product, we wanted to be able to bring in some folks from SAS to operate within the logistics world. And what we saw immediately was an overall gap. That gap was within sales, training, following the process – working through the appropriate methodologies that we’d already standardized, but to put those into practice we knew that we needed a new level of coaching. I could come in myself and be able to reinforce a lot of the behaviors that we wouldn’t see, but I understood the time constraints that are only natural across three different departments.

And so as we’ve been going through and recruiting a Head of Sales, one thing we plan on doing once we on-board our Head of Sales is to continue this program because more coaching is always better. What we’ve seen as far as results with Replayz is the ability to not only reinforce the process that we have, but then sit back and be able to quantify what this training has been able to do for us. And so, we’ve been working with Dave and the Replayz team for little over three months, and the biggest thing that we’ve been looking at is our percentage-to-close from every single stage, and we’ve seen an uptick across the board within the five stages of our sales process. The most notable one being proposal-to-close.

Originally, our proposal-to-close rate was around 62%. As of this morning, I checked the metrics and we’re at 72% across the team. So the whole organization is noticing a really big increase in the talent level and development within the sales team themselves by not only engaging in this program, but also our own internal efforts into coaching. So as far as recommendations go, I think this should be a part of everyone’s arsenal. The more coaching the better.

Your sales managers only have so much time, so being able to bring in some experts that really focus on and create a great experience for the reps, really collaborate with them, and have that additional voice that isn’t your own as a sales leader to resonate with is really beneficial. I wish I would’ve found a service like this sooner.