Nikki Keith – UPS Channel Partner Manager @ Ware2Go

Hi everybody. My name is Nikki Keith and I’m an account executive at Ware2Go. I had the pleasure of working with Dave and his team the last several months as I on-boarded into a new role at Ware2Go. I think it’s really unique in the sense that Ware2Go is a high-growth startup, and so I was part of the first wave of hires at Ware2Go. So I was really in the process of being that integral part of developing a sales strategy and process.

I think what was so unique about working with Dave was that he helped really define that. You had an idea of the stages and what we were trying to accomplish and sell. But with so many different people all having different ideas, different skill sets, different backgrounds, having Dave be a part of that process helped refine the ideas to help really streamline and create structure, which was so important.

I think Dave shared a lot of perspective and a lot of professionalism in terms of his experience as a salesperson as a sales leader. And really trying to find our skills. On my team, I was one of four at the time. We all came from different industries, different backgrounds, different styles and Dave really allowed us to come together as not only a group to brainstorm and to roleplay, but also as individuals. And taking each and every one of our individual skill sets and strengths, and really working to redefine and enhance that through our entire sales process.

And so I would absolutely suggest to anybody that’s looking for help, whether it is early on in your sales career or perhaps you’ve been a salesperson for a while and are just looking to enhance those skill sets and really invest in yourself. I absolutely recommend David and his team. I know myself and my peers got a lot of value out of his training and his boot camp. I would actually recommend it to anybody else.

Thanks so much, Dave.