Mel Bilko – Head of Partnerships @ Keela

Hey, everyone. My name is Mel and I am the Head of Community and Partnerships at Keela. I started using Replayz coaching back in September of 2019. When I first started my position my Replayz coach really helped me feel confident in talking to our different partners across the nonprofit sector.

It was my first time having a sales position. I previously worked in the nonprofit sector as a Fund Development Coordinator and Associate. So going from the nonprofit sector and fundraising to Sales and Partnerships was a bit different for me, but my Replayz coach really made me feel empowered and confident in how I was interacting with my partners.

And one of the things I also really loved about working with Replayz coaching is that I was able to go back into the archives of our other sales representatives that we have at Keela, and I was able to learn from their coaching with our Replayz coach.

So it was really nice to not only have that one-on-one time with my Replayz coach, but also to be able to go back in the archives and look at how other people learn. I’m not always making the same mistakes as they might make and vice versa so I was able to almost learn twice the amount.

I really appreciated everything that Replayz taught me and I will forever take all of their great and valuable insights wherever I go into my next positions as well. A fun fact is that one of the tips that my Replayz coach gave me was to have a light in front of my face when speaking in the camera and so, this is exactly what I’m doing. So I’m even implementing one of the tips that they gave me right now as I speak.

So, thank you so much Replayz, I really enjoyed all of your amazing work and all of your amazing tips. Thank you.