Kevin Erickson – Management Consultant

Hi, I’m Kevin Erickson from Erickson Business Improvement, an Executive Coaching and Management Consulting Practice. I’ve been working through the Replayz training in their master class, and I found it to be extremely valuable for me.

I am already very confident in the work I do and delivering to my clients, and I’m finding that Replayz has given me some really great tips and a process to follow that has given me more confidence in the selling of my own self and the selling practices.

I’ve always been comfortable with prospects and talking to people, so it’s not necessarily the personal comfort, but the confidence in doing and saying the right things that increases my odds of helping that potential client or prospect. I found it to be a great value for me. I’m particularly enjoying what I would call the ‘snippets’, the short pieces. They’re easy to digest, it’s easy to go back to the ones that resonate for me and that I found valuable, and just the structure of it and the videos.

The way they present it is easy for me to take in, easy to follow, take some notes on, and just getting confidence in talking to my prospects and increasing my chance of selling to that prospect. So thank you Replayz, it’s been great for me.