Jenna Scapinello – Manager, Sales Development @ Vidyard

Jenna Scapinello, Sr. Sales Enablement Specialist @ D2L

Hey there, my name is Jenna Scapinello, and I was an account executive over at Vidyard. I first met Dave back in November which would have been almost 8 months ago. And at the time, I was about five months into the role of account executive. So in terms of ongoing training, I was pretty much considered ramped as a rep and my manager was busy bringing on new reps who needed some more attention. I was really, really grateful that we were bringing on Dave because he provided some really great one-on-one coaching to me. The coaching was not so much a blanket for the entire team, but specific to how I talk, my sales style, how I’m running my calls, and provided some great feedback for me to work on which ultimately helped me to not only close more business, but to close higher contract value deals.

We all have those deals where they’re kind of on the fence whether they’re going to be a yes or no, and definitely by working with Dave, I was able to move more of those on the fence people or opportunities to the yes direction. And then I was also able to increase the size of those deals. One of the things he helped me work on was discovery – asking really great open ended questions, making sure that I was efficient in how I was doing my discovery, and having great ongoing conversations throughout the demo process. I did that through meaningful check-ins to make sure that I was aligning our product and our value to the needs of the specific person and opportunity and company that I was speaking with, to make sure that they see the value in Vidyard and want to continue to move forward in that sales process. One of the other large pitfalls that I had was negotiating with myself.

Just being asked a simple question, like ‘Do you offer quarterly payments?’, instead of asking them why they need that and digging in a little bit more, I began negotiating with myself. Of course, that meant that I was decreasing contract values as well so Dave really quickly pointed that out. I actually ended up making some sticky notes, and that was one of the pieces that I had in front of my computer to make sure that I wasn’t discounting unnecessarily to continue to retain that contract value.

Dave was always super accessible as well. So it was great to not only be able to send him an initial demo, but to continue to do check-ins to make sure that I was working and improving on the specific pieces that we had talked about. It was really accessible for me to just be able to send him a quick snippet of a call that I had and get his feedback, or to share how I think I did really well at something that we had talked about to make sure that I was moving in the right direction.

Since then I have actually moved into a new role, so I’m now at Desire2Learn D2L in a sales enablement position. I have to give a lot of the credit to being able to move into this role to Dave. I’m now working with the PR team working on coaching them towards having better qualification and conversations with their prospects, to then set their account executives up for success. So thank you Dave for all the support. I highly recommend working with the Replayz team. They have some really great insights. And again, that one-on-one coaching that they provide is something that is invaluable.

Thanks again.