Jay Wang- SDR @ ClearDent

Hello everyone. My name is Jay, and I’m the SDR for Cleardent. I wanted to talk to you today about my experience working with Replayz when I first got hired at our company.

The SDR programme was relatively new and so there wasn’t any consistency, regular coaching or one-on-one sessions between sales leaders and SDRs. And so naturally, reps that are independent and self motivated are hired and expected to blaze their own trail and learn on the fly. That’s been working out okay, until I realized what I was missing out on when Replayz came into the picture.

The Replayz coach I was working with was a very seasoned and experienced sales leader, and in just one initial discovery meeting and two subsequent coaching sessions, the coach shined lights on talk tracks, methodologies, etiquette and best practices that would have taken me God knows how long to learn on my own. What I ended up having was several one-on-one coaching call review sessions with the coach to start, and during the Covid-19 pandemic had additional group training sessions, which I believe is called the Replayz bootcamp.

In summary, I wish I had the coaching right from day one, when I started as an SDR, but it’s never too late. Now I’m confident in my ability to have meaningful conversations every time I have a decisionmaker on the phone, and to smash meeting quotas. Learning from the school of hard knocks is great, but I would recommend anybody save time and by learning from the seasoned sales professionals that Replayz place has to offer.