Evan Santa – Sales Manager @ Vidyard

Evan Santa here. I’m the emerging market sales manager at Vidyard. We’ve been working with Replayz for a number of months. Replayz originally started as I brought them into work with my team specifically, so a team of about 8 reps. Ultimately, I’ve been scaling this team since the summer of 2018 focusing on a previously unidentified segment of business for Vidyard, effectively taking us down market just a little bit.

Now where we place has been really effective for me as a sales leader is that while growing this team and focusing on our close rates, our sales velocity, our sales cycle, our sales process, the customer and our prospects’ reaction to our process messaging, one of the of the first things that sales managers will tend to deprioritize is the coaching aspect – especially with your senior reps once they’re ramped and they’re holding an over 20% close rate.

Replayz has been able to provide me specifically with an additional resource to be able to ensure that we’re continually trying to do better, as well as invest in our top reps and our ramping ones as well. It really provides me that extra arm in my management. It ensures that we’re driving forward, and makes sure that we’re progressing and that ultimately everyone is learning as we go.

Another major component of it is that in working with Replayz, it actually provided me with an extra set of eyes into my sales process. I truly believe that we should be refining, reviewing, and ultimately modernizing our sales process almost on a monthly, quarterly, and hopefully, within a yearly cadence by revising it to make sure that we’re keeping it modern. Replayz was great at coming back to me and pinpointing a few things that we were missing – anything from how we’re presenting pricing to how we’re delivering proposals, so that’s been fantastic.

Now from a rep standpoint, this thing has been unbelievable in skilling up, especially those top players. I think that from a sales leadership perspective it’s very easy for us to look at a top sales rep in an organization and think that that’s the benchmark.

Replayz really helped some of my A players get up to an A+ status. That’s been fantastic. It’s been a fantastic experience and I couldn’t recommend Replayz more to any sales leader out there, whether you’re dealing with an SMB sales cycle, a commercial sales cycle, etc, Replayz is now organization-wide within Vidyard.