Clara Hughes – Corporate Growth Account Executive @ Outreach

Hi, everyone. My name is Clara Hughes and I am a corporate account executive at Outreach. I recently went through the boot camp training series with Dave and it was such a blast. I wanted to tell you guys two things that I really liked from this boot camp series.

The first was that when I go through sales training, I feel as though it’s very specific to me as an individual, which is awesome. But this boot camp series was done with my entire team. It was training to the masses, and why I like that was because we all got to come prepared with our specific best practices that worked for us.

Dave took those best practices and made them all one best practice that we can implement moving forward. I think this is a great way to build your brand for the company you work with so that all sales reps are on the same page. The second thing I really liked is we talked a lot about discovery. Dave said as you navigate through your sales cycle, you should always understand the impact of the pain that your prospect is experiencing.

Now what I really try to do is whether it’s my first call or my fifth call, I always am discovering, but I’m really, really trying to associate my questions with the impact of how that’s going to affect the prospect.