Barrett Atkins – Sr. Account Executive @ Ware2Go

Hi, my name is Barrett Atkins. I’m an account executive and I’ve worked with Replayz for the past three months.

One thing that I really enjoy about my Replayz is his ability to meet my busy schedule. Nine to five can be a grind as I’m constantly in and out of sales calls, but my Replayz coach is always open to fit my schedule. Even if it’s off hours, they’re willing to help me through that. I think that the biggest thing that I’ve learned is a repeatable process.

I think there’s something special about when someone looks at your exact sales pitch, and finds things that you can say a little bit differently and then drills down even further and then you’re able to repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

I think that with the competitive nature that I have, it’s great having a coach to push you and to make you better. And I’ve seen that directly correlate with my win rate in the past three months.

I’ve seen an increase in my close rate of 18 percent and I can tell you that’s going to do wonders for my year and for my overall goal. And I think that we’re just at the start of it. I’m excited to do better and better.

If you’re looking for a coach to push you, to help you grow, to help you mature your sales pitch, and keep it concise and confident, that’s what my Replayz coach was able to do for me.