Alex Kremer – Director of Sales @ Outreach

Hey, what’s up everybody? My name is Alex Kremer. I am a sales leader here at Outreach. I worked with Dave Kennett for the Replayz boot camp series. It was absolutely awesome.

I had a team of about six people join this over a three-week period. We met three times a week. It was just awesome starting at the very beginning of a sales process from when you initially meet the prospect, all the way through to actually getting to close, and then all the way to expanding and renewal and so on.

I loved it because he taught such easy things that go overlooked and that were so quick to be implemented into our sales processes in terms of how to do really strong discovery, how to develop a champion, even how to frame a call – the stuff that you think is expected but not all sales professionals know how to do it.

I love Dave, I love Replayz and I definitely know that my team got a huge amount of value from this, so wanted to give my two cents. Appreciate it.