Sales Tips

Morgan Ingram, Director of Sales Execution & Evolution @ JB Sales Training

Can’t get to the decision-maker? Our Replayz Guest Series featured guest, Morgan J Ingram shares a 3 step process to get unstuck on your next Discovery Call:

1) At the end of the call make sure you specifically ask if your solution will meet their needs (sounds basic but at Replayz we see A LOT of reps miss this step)

2) Explain that part of your company’s process is to ensure there is a meeting with the approver (this takes the spotlight away from you and shines it on a trusted process to help them navigate the decision-making journey)

3) If your prospect says they need more details, this is a perfect opportunity to send them a video outlining the areas you will cover on your call with the decision-maker

Want a quote to review your team’s recorded sales calls? Book a call with the Replayz Team now:

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