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Brandon Gracey, CRO @ IrisVR

“None of us needs to be told we’re in uncertain times or a trying environment.”

Time to ditch “The New Normal” talk track?

Brandon Gracey thinks so…..and I agree.

Brandon, the CRO from IrisVR joins us for today’s Replayz Guest Series, fresh off of getting a cold call from a sales rep. He said it was refreshing….

Brandon says:

“….there was something I wrote that he(the sales rep) liked. So the rep called me and didn’t ask me how my family was, didn’t mention Covid, didn’t ask me for anything, didn’t ask for more time in my calendar, but he was sincere and here I am talking about him. That was probably the best outcome for an initial cold call. ”

Some points Brandon makes in this video:

“The most valuable thing is to 100% be yourself.”

“Focus on sincerity with a little bit of a twinge of empathy”

Thanks for the timely reminder Brandon!

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