CROs, VPs of Sales, CEOs of early-stage companies... Do this one thing well and your sales numbers will skyrocket.

Many Sales Leaders treat their teams like a Sports Team that plays games and never practices. That sounds like such an obvious recipe for disaster, yet it’s a frequent reality given the high growth nature of tech companies and the high ratio of Sales Manager to Sales Reps.

If your sales manager has more than 7 sales reps… they probably don’t have much time to coach.

Scenario 1

Best practice is for a sales rep to get a call reviewed by a Sales Coach, Enablement Coach, or Sales Manager weekly.

When this happens the results are typically as follows:

  • More confident Sales Reps
  • Reps feeling supported
  • Quarterly win-rate improvement
  • Bigger deal sizes
  • Quicker sales cycle
  • You retain great talent since you help your team develop
  • New Reps ramp faster

Scenario 2

In Reality, most reps get a call review every 2-3 months.

When this happens the results are typically as follows:

  • Sales reps don’t feel supported and are more anxious in sales calls
  • Modest win-rate improvement happens and it happens over a year rather than over a quarter and then it hits a ceiling
  • Reps often default to discounts
  • Reps often offer more free trials, and also don’t keep up deal momentum… resulting in longer sales cycles and prospects losing interest
  • The best sales reps leave your company to find somewhere where they can learn and grow at a faster rate
  • New reps ramp slower

I don’t often post here about our own company. But here I go…

Scenario 2 is why Replayz exists.

We review sales calls all day, every day for many of the highest growth tech companies out there. The result is Scenario 1 above.

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