"Get your new reps and managers off to a solid start and you are far more likely to retain them. Sounds simple, but it’s often not done well."

1) Give them an onboarding buddy

 This will give them someone to ask questions about the position, and help them with any doubt or concerns they feel about the company. 

2) Check In

As the hiring manager, check in with them at the end of each day for 30 min for the first 2 weeks. Pulse check, remove blockers, etc.

3) Set Expectations

Give them a ramp target that is fair and achievable but reward them for over performance.

4Get to know them

Find out in their very first week, where they want to go with their career as a next step and really work closely with them to support them in getting there.


5) Show what you’re looking for

For reps, share videos of what good looks like to your company as individuals might have different experiences. 

6) Role play – role play – role play

Go through every scenario that a new rep might go through within your company to ensure they are given the best example of what working with your company looks like. 

7) Get them doing actual (low impact) sales in the first 10 days

Don’t wait for your new employee to become bored with the position, or feel like they’re not trusted right away. Instead, get them right into the action.

8) Have each hour of the first 10 days mapped out for them

Make it simple for your new hires. Give them the roadmap to their success, as their success will be your own success. 

Of course, this is all underpinned by actually really genuinely caring about them and their success.