"Take a breath and keep perspective as we round the corner to end of quarter."

Dave Kennett

I used to be a crazy intense sales leader who stressed out my team. I’m not that person anymore. Life’s too short for that. If your sales leader needs to take a chill pill- don’t own that stress. Also, recognize that they are likely getting a ton of pressure from their leaders, so give them some grace.

Do your best... that's all that matters.

In one year, no one will care whether you were 5% better this quarter. But your kids may remember that you missed the family BBQ on the weekend or that you missed watching their Little League Game. Or your partner may remember that you couldn’t put your phone down, as you waited for the notification that a deal was coming through.

Don’t get me wrong. Work hard, care deeply. Take pride in what you do, but don’t sell out the things that matter.


So what're you waiting for? Go get it today, team!​