Insanely Impactful Disco/Demo Calls

How to Deliver Insanely Impactful Disco/Demo Calls

You’ve spent weeks reaching out to your highest-value prospects. What management likes to call your “A-list”. Countless emails, social touches, and ringless voicemails – all painstakingly relevant & personalized.

To your delight, you finally get a bite. One of your most valuable prospects agrees to take a meeting. Huzzah!

Once your initial buzz of excitement wears off, the panic sets in. How do you build rapport, effectively uncover pain-points, drive impactful value, and book a second meeting, all within 30-minutes?

What You’ll Learn

– How to build rapport & position yourself as an expert (hint: get comfortable with being uncomfortable)

– Tactics to root your demo in discovery and “talk through the customer lens”

– How to weave customer stories into a compelling narrative to deliver wildly persuasive demos