Check For Mutual Understanding

How can you show that you’re actively listening without sounding like a bird? 🐦

And by bird, we mean acknowledging that you’re listening too frequently like this:

Yep. Yep. Ok. Great. Yep. Excellent. Yep.

While we may have exaggerated for the sake of the example, it’s easy to do this on a sales call because we want the person on the other end to know that we’re actively listening.

But there’s a better way to accomplish this.

Dave explains how to ensure that the prospect feel heard in a way that is respectful and doesn’t make them feel like they’re on the clock:

👉 Don’t make your check-ins urgent (like the example above)

👉 Let them say what they need to say

👉 Summarize/ check for mutual understanding, like this: “If I’m hearing you correctly, I think what you’re saying is XYZ.”