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Changing the sales game one session at a time.

Replayz changed the sales training/coaching game for SaaS inside sales teams. Top SaaS inside sales teams send Replayz their recorded sales conversations (Gong, Chorus, Google Meets, Zoom) to be reviewed and call coached according to the Replayz 100 best practices.

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We believe in having the best professionals and their ideas

The Replayz sales coaching team is comprised of the best coaches in the business: We coach Sales Leaders and Sales Reps. Then, our on-demand coaches set up remote video role-plays with the sales rep to support and reinforce the feedback.

Our Core Values



Replayz remotely helps inside sales Account Executives up-level their discovery/demo game, resulting in improved close rates, faster sales cycles and critical deals.​



Replayz call coaching offers a repeatable, scalable framework that helps SDR's gain confidence, pass more qualified leads and help build more pipelines quicker.


New Reps

We help new reps ramp fast and crush their ramp quota from just a few conversations with our sales coaches.

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We Coach the Coaches

We have an industry leading ‘coach the coach’ program that helps new sales leaders become more impactful call coaches and we give them a framework and playbook to coach to.This is all done via recorded video feedback and video coaching/role-plays designed to support today’s busy sales reps and sales leaders in learning in a way that fits their schedules.”​

The companies our coaches have worked for:

Our Customers Love Us! Our average review is a 5/5!

Our customers have had only great things to say after they’ve partnered with our team. We give them the ability to become stronger in their professional career, and advance their communication skills. 

Our Sales Coaches Team

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Imagine your team's win-rate improving by 2%-8% after just 3 coaching sessions!

Replayz sales coaching can make it happen. Ready to set up a 30 to 45-minute Zoom chat?