Don’t have time to dive into Gong & Chorus and get those call reviews done?

We got you!

No longer side-by-side in the sales pit?


Don’t leave the call reviews to Max! 


We didn't reinvent the wheel... just call reviews.

"Every company I know that uses Replayz loves it and gets an awesome ROI.  I foresee a time in the not-to-distant future when the majority of the best tech sales teams outsource their call coaching because it’s tough for sales leaders to find the time to do this right.  And leaders aren’t getting less busy."

Scott Barker

Sales Hacker and

Know how that feels? 

We know you don’t want to let your team down. Leave the heavy lifting to Replayz and we’ll give you time back in your busy calendar.

Real Results

Here’s what companies like Outreach and Vidyard have to say about Replayz.

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Alex Kremer, Outreach

Jenna Scapinello
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Jenna Scapinello, D2L

Patrick Cadic, Ware2Go
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Patrick Cadic, Ware2Go

"I really believe in what Replayz is doing. If you are a Gong/Chorus customer, put it on steroids and maximize your investment by getting Replayz Call Coaching."

Scott Leese

Surf & Sales

"The creative on-demand service delivery method that Replayz has deployed sets Replayz apart from any other coaching methods I’ve seen."

Bob Perkins

Founder and Chairman @ AA-ISP

"There’s such a big need for what you provide. Love what you’re doing."

Josh Braun

Josh Braun Sales Training

We work with every segment your sales team sells into.​

Your sales reps will be personally matched with a Replayz coach.
Not only are our coaches still in the game, but they have a wealth of expertise in one or more of these segments:

Get Time Back In Your Calendar

You will have time back in your calendar with the peace of mind that your sales team is closing larger deals faster. Replayz is a reliable, proven framework based on over 100 Replayz Best Practices that boosts results from your team no matter how big or small with amazing ROI.

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Step 1:
Share Your Video

Record your sales call and share the link with Replayz.

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Step 2:
Replayz Coach Review

Your Replayz Sales Coach reviews the call and provides 15-20 minute video-recorded “play-by-play” inline feedback of your sales call.

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Step 3:
Receive Your Feedback

Your Replayz Sales Coach will provide you written and video feedback measured against our Replayz Best Practices.

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Step 4:
1:1 Zoom Call

Your Replayz Sales Coach meets with your sales rep for a 1:1 Zoom call feedback session, plus role plays.

Lasting Muscle Memory

Think of us like your personal golf caddie, except for sales calls. After every call review with our coaches, your team will be more confident and use repeatable, scalable techniques that stick. 

We’ve watched thousands of discovery, demo and closing calls. Let us share with your team what the best reps consistently do. 

A golfer and their caddie

Most Companies:​

87% of new skills are lost within a month of sales training. –  Xerox Study

Replayz Customers:

95% of Sales Reps who received at least 3 call reviews from Replayz say that Replayz helps them close more business.

Hear What Our Clients Say:

Imagine your team's win-rate improving by over 5% next quarter.

Replayz can make it happen. Ready to set up a 30 to 45-minute Zoom chat?